What is a Mentor?

In a Naming Ceremony for a child, the parents may wish to appoint mentors for their child. Other terms used for these special supporters are 'godparents', 'sponsors', or 'guardians'. It is up to you what you wish to call these people.

The role of mentor is one of great importance. Normally, the parents select these people with great care, and select people who they wish to be a strong part in their child's life for many years to come. Of course, this is entirely the decision of the parents, and how much or little they want the mentors to participate in the child's life is their prerogative. It is important, however, that the parents and mentors understand just what the roles mean to them, so there is no misunderstanding in the future.

How many Mentors/Godparents to have?

Again, the number and gender of mentors is completely up to the parents. Many select one of each gender, some select two of the same gender as the child, some select four or more people to support the child. There is no restriction or limit. Just choose the people you feel would fulfill the role you see as important to your child.


Guardian is a term usually applied to people who have specifically taken on the role of legal guardian of the child should anything happen to the parents (ie in the parents' wills), but the term may be used without this condition as well. If the guardians have taken on this responsibility, you may wish to make mention of it in the ceremony.

Role and Responsibilities

During a Naming ceremony, there are a number of ways a mentor/godparent may be involved. They may take primary charge of the child during the event, or support the parents in doing so. They may make promises or vows to the child, promising to support him/her and the parents during his/her life.

The mentors/godparents are expected to attend the rehearsal of the ceremony (if a rehearsal is required), and understand what they are to do and say. Kate Anolak Celebrancy will support parents, children, mentors, grandparents and other significant participants (eg siblings) before and during the ceremony.

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