The Process of Creating Your Ceremony

When you contact Kate Anolak Celebrancy, you begin a comprehensive, supportive and fun process to create your dream ceremony.

  1. Set a time to meet and discuss your ceremony. This meeting is free and takes around 60-75 minutes. From here, you decide if I am the celebrant for you. You don't have to make the decision at this meeting (I'll hold your date for 7-10 days). Deposits are paid at this time or before the next meeting.

  2. Second Meeting - we complete paperwork, and start looking at structures for your ceremony. You will be given a questionnaire to take home and complete, to help make your ceremony completely your own.

  3. Third Meeting - we work through your questionnaire, and make some decisions about the ceremony structure, participants, readings and music.

  4. Fourth Meeting - you will have received your first draft ceremony by email by now, and so at this meeting we discuss the draft, making alterations and giving feedback.

  5. Unlimited email and phone contact - after the first draft, there are unlimited revisions available to you, where you can alter or ask for alterations.

  6. One month prior to the ceremony, final payment is made.

  7. One month prior to the ceremony, the final version of your ceremony is signed off. (This is for weddings and commitment ceremonies. For Namings and other bespoke ceremonies, the final version can be completed as late as two weeks prior.)

  8. During the week or so prior to the ceremony - a full, on-site rehearsal is held, for all participants. This is essential for smooth running and low stress on the day! For marriages, some additional paperwork needs to also be completed.

  9. On The Day - I arrive at your site 30-45min prior to your ceremony. We have a great time!

  10. After the Ceremony - All paperwork is lodged as required.

Every ceremony is unique, and every process will run slightly differently. To discuss how your ceremony will be planned, contact Kate Anolak Celebrancy.