Simply Simple Ceremonies

Do you just want something simple?

For some couples, the whole 'big day' is just not for them. For many reasons, you may just want something very simple, something for just you and maybe a couple of witnesses. You may be looking for an elopement, or you may have personal reasons where a larger event just isn't suitable or possible. You may be considering a Registry Office ceremony, because you don't want the huge event which many weddings seem to be.

But you don't want something impersonal, or "just signing the documents". You'd like it to feel like a wedding ceremony!

Simply Simple Ceremonies ticks all the boxes.

For a low fee, you can have a simple, personalised ceremony in as short a time as the legal minimum of one month. It's personal, small, but intimate rather than cheap. This package includes:
- simple but personal ceremony, with your choice of vows and a reading from a list of options
- all legal paperwork
- witnesses provided (if you wish)
- music included (recorded)
- bottle of wine to toast the couple (or juice if you prefer!)
- signing table, chair, tablecloth, decorative candle
- ceremony at my home or within 20km of my home (other locations may also be negotiated; a travel fee may be incurred)
- up to 8 guests
- 5-6 guest chairs
All the above for $450. (SA Registry Office charges $297.)
- you can bring along your own photographer, or my husband (who is a professional photographer) can offer a very basic ceremony-only package for $80.

Please be aware that legally you need to provide written notification ( the legal document "Notice of Intended Marriage") a minimum of one month before your ceremony.

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If this still sounds like “too much fuss” for you, then ask about my “Just The Legals” package. Quick and easy, no frills, your place or mine! A couple of legal elements need to be met, a few words need to be said, and that’s it! I can even provide the witnesses! Just the Legals package $350 (SA Registry Office charges $297.)