A Naming Ceremony for a child is a way to formally welcome a child into the world, and bestow their name on them in front of family and friends.

A Naming is not a legal ceremony, and therefore there are many different forms it can take. With Kate Anolak Celebrancy, the different options for you can be discussed, and what works best for your family can be created.

Namings can be performed for children of any age, for adopted children, for children taking on a new name, for adults who wish to change their name, for businesses, for houses and for boats. Celebrating the giving of a name may be marked by all kinds of celebration!

Namings can also be for blended families - creating a new family together. Ceremony helps bring cohesion to families, and I can build a ceremony specifically for your personal circumstances.

Take time to discuss your ideas with a professional who understands how to create a ceremony that isn't just words, but instead inspires you and your guests. Create a ceremony that is designed just for you, not a cookie-cutter ceremony that has been used for hundreds of others. Choose a celebrant who understands how a ceremony can truly make your day the beginning (or continuation!) of a beautiful future.

When you choose Kate Anolak Celebrancy for your celebrant, you receive many services that other celebrants consider added extras. My standard services include:

  • First meeting free of charge

  • A minimum of two more meetings, face-to-face wherever possible

  • A full rehearsal, on site, in the week leading up to your ceremony day

  • Unlimited phone and email contact

  • Ceremony music included* (recorded music)

  • Unlimited revisions of your ceremony*

  • Fully personalised ceremony, written specifically for you

  • A comprehensive Ideas book to help in planning your Naming ceremony

  • Full sound system suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for ceremonies up to 300 people, including hands-free and hand-held microphones and stands

  • A high-quality printed copy of your ceremony for you to keep

  • Personalised, high-quality certificates for the child (and mentors/godparents if requested)

  • A celebrant with over 25 years' of public speaking and performance experience.

In addition, you can be assured that I will provide you with the most professional service available. Trained by the leading provider of celebrant training services in Australia, I continually maintain and update my knowledge of current ceremony trends and legal matters. 

My service is personal, accepting, and professional. With Kate Anolak Celebrancy, you can be assured you are receiving correct legal advice, current ideas on ceremony trends, and advice which comes from an understanding of the place of ceremony in culture and society.

You may want a huge, formal event, or an intimate ceremony; you may want to include lots of family and friends in your ceremony, you may be completely lost with all the options available and want guidance in what to choose. Whatever your dream, whatever your challenge, I can help you create the ceremony which truly reflects your family.

Standard Full Service Naming Ceremonies begin at $450. To meet with me and find out more, contact me today.

* Ceremony music is legally downloaded music (from iTunes), the version to be selected by the couple. Ceremony revisions are unlimited, with the final version of the ceremony is completed two weeks prior to your ceremony date. The client signs off on the final copy of the ceremony at this time.